Welcome to Pyramid Oaks Golf Club

Sunday, September 14th, the course will be closed from 1pm to close

Welcome to Pyramid Oaks Golf Club, the most scenic 9-hole course in all of Southern Illinois. Here at Pyramid Oaks Golf Club, we have a real passion for the classic game of golf, and it shows in all that we do, from the first tee to the clubhouse. We are the region's top venue for a breezy round as well as banquets, memberships and more.

Southern Illinois is easily the most beautiful part of the state, with rolling hills, picturesque forests and a sense of serenity and calm not found elsewhere. Our course at Pyramid Oaks Golf Club uses the area's natural beauty to create an unmatched experience. Pyramid Oaks Golf Club features a breezy 9 holes, which gives experienced players a chance to fine tune aspects of their game and newer golfers an opportunity to learn the game. Our course really is a treat.

Finally, when you visit don't forget to stop in and say hello. We can't wait to meet you!